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Gadget Grid - Board in Play
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Players scramble to collect Gadgets that can reshape the board, enhance their abilities, and decimate other players! Attack other players with weapons you’ve picked up or one of the ever-growing numbers of sentries populating the board. Redirect these attacks to almost anywhere with the expanding Portal network! In addition to that, you can always move one of the Zombots and make them do the work for you.


And if all that’s still not enough, use your Life Gizmos and the Gadget Cards you’ve picked up to buy one of the Premium DLC Cards, which will endow your character with unique and powerful abilities guaranteed to tip the action in your favor… until someone else gets a DLC of their own! On the constantly-shifting Gadget Grid, nobody is ever safe for long!


Lose all three Life Gizmos and become a Zomboid – no gadgets for you! Get pushed around by other players and shamble about on your own until you can reach another contestant. Steal a Gizmo from them and you’re back in the action; there’s no player elimination in this competition! Be the last one holding a Gizmo and be returned to your homeland as the bearer of fame and fortune!

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