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Desperately trying to reinsert themselves into the time stream, the Hearthseekers have kidnapped you and dozens of other time-connected people from all around the galaxy and performed increasingly wild experiments on them. Their latest experiment has thrown the research space station into chaos! You and a few ad-hoc allies have broken out of your prison block and are scrambling to fight your way through the riots and find a way to escape. But an incomprehensible presence is stalking you through the station, appearing from nowhere and-


You’re back in the prison block. The fights you thought you’d quelled are raging all around. The weapons you’ve collected are gone. You’ve gone back in time, trapped in a loop that gets shorter every time it resets. Build up your skills, explore the space station and find the items you need to close the loop and escape! Plan your route carefully - every minute counts, and a wrong move can land you in the clutches of the extradimensional creatures known as...


Playtest Sept 2022
Playtest Item Cards
Playtest Ship Tiles
Playtest 2022
Playest Chronofiend Ruler
Playtest 2022
Playtest 2022
Playtest at DundraCon 2023
Playtest 2022
Playtest at DunDraCon 2023
Playtest at Victory Point Cafe, Sept 2022
Playtest At DundraCon 2023
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